All Luren rehearsals and performances have been suspended until further notice due to COVID-19

Dave asks  us to spend time singing along with these recordings so we ‘stay in shape’, and will be better prepared to perform when this situation is behind us.  Keep singing!

Click on the name of each song to play it.  (Some have commercials.  Just be patient or click on ‘Skip Ads’)

Down by the Riverside

Thou Art Holy

Norges kveld (we sing only verse one and verse three)

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor

We Rise Again

Antiphon (#5 in the Ralph Vaughan Williams – Five Mystical Songs


Will the Circle be Unbroken

Play the recording below for a ‘trick recording’ of ‘Will the Circle Be Unbroken’ in the key of G so you can sing along with it.  (It is the women singing like we do 🙂 )

The Battle of Jericho

Pål sine hønur by Knut Nystedt


Wana Baraka

Wana Baraka choreography

  1. Wana Baraka – no movement
  2. Alleluya – no movement
  3. Wana amani – R+L+
  4. Alleluya – R+L+
  5. Wana furaha – no movement
  6. Alleluya – Stomp right foot on beat 1
  7. Wana azima – no movement
  8. Alleluya – R+L+

All rehearsals begin at 7:30 pm.