All rehearsals begin at 7:30 PM

Rehearsals will be at the Decorah High School Vocal Music Room every Monday evening except the following:

Dec. 2 – Vennehjem Great Room –  –  –  –  –  Auxiliary does not meet  (Click for map)

Dec. 9 – Decorah Lutheran Church – Dress Rehearsal

Links to rehearsal videos:

Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Play the recording below for a ‘trick recording’ of ‘Will the Circle Be Unbroken’ in the key of G so you can sing along with it.  (It is the women singing like we do 🙂 )

The Battle of Jericho

Pål sine hønur by Knut Nystedt


Wana Baraka

Wana Baraka choreography

  1. Wana Baraka – no movement
  2. Alleluya – no movement
  3. Wana amani – R+L+
  4. Alleluya – R+L+
  5. Wana furaha – no movement
  6. Alleluya – Stomp right foot on beat 1
  7. Wana azima – no movement
  8. Alleluya – R+L+

All rehearsals begin at 7:30 pm.